Download MetTeL

You can download the binary of MetTeL using following link. Meanwhile, since MetTeL is released under GPLv3, you may get the source code by contacting us.

Date Version Changes
2013-08 v2.0-614 All the inputs for generating a tableau prover are now unified into one file. There are also several improvements in the packaging of generated code. This version in addition to a random problem generator, includes a benchmark suite which enables multi-threaded benchmarking and problem analysing.
2013-04 v2.0-520 Errors with the given the tableau calculus is now reported while generating the prover. Random inputs now can be generated for the provided specification. Fixed the bugs with stringtemplate4 library, missed properties and missing equality reasoning in in ALCO example.
2012-11 v2.0-451 Support for using ANTLR option has been added. The property file was also extended to cover more options such as defining equality keyword.
2012-01 v2.0-354 Completely reimplemented for the purpose of generating implemented tableau provers. User can define syntax of logical operators and tableau rules to be used.
Publication: MetTeL2 system description.
2011-03 v1.0-197 Logic-Independent Inference Engine, user can specify tableau rules to be used.
Publication: MetTeL1 system description.
Manual:MetTeL1 manual.
pre 2010 v0.99-2 The first prover for description logic ALBOid. For the following predefined non-classical logics:

  • Classical propositional logic
  • Intuitionistic propositional logic
  • Hybrid logic HL(@, u) with the universal modality
  • The logic MT of metric and topology
  • All sublogics of the description logic ALBOid

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